As a child, when I dreamed of being famous, I never thought it would be because I lived in a van.

Life, however, doesn’t generally go as planned!

A week and a half ago, a reporter from BYU’s newspaper The Universe contacted Seth and I and asked to do an interview. We were so surprised. Our blog only had 1 post! We were blown away a second time when our story was published as it’s own complete article (instead of the snippet in a larger article we imagined). Then, making the front page really floored us! We walked around all day, showing people the newspaper and peeking at stacks of The Universe to make sure our faces were still gazing back up at us.


Here is the online article for those who haven’t seen it!

And it doesn’t stop there. Apparently, our fame has continued to spread even in the short time since this first interview because we’re scheduled for another one tonight. This time, though, it is with Channel 2. I’m basically going crazy right now. We are going to be ON TV tonight at 10pm to talk about the fact that we’re LIVING IN A VAN. Honestly, I never saw this coming.

What we DID see coming this week was our new butane cooking stove and carbon monoxide detector. They are our newest additions to the van.


Like any self-respecting American, the first thing we cooked on our new stove was bacon. It was awesome! The little Coleman stove heats quickly, cooks evenly (as far as we can tell), and fulfills most of our basic cooking needs. We also added some food storage containers for snacks that we keep on the dresser, and we still have room for prepping or chopping food.


To celebrate the arrival of our kitchen, we decided to hold a little brunch where we made omelettes and drank chocolate milk. We even invited my brother, Foster. He was our first official visitor to the van and can vouch for it’s coolness and ability to make edible food.


Tickets to visit the cool-mobile are currently at a staggering low price of FREE. (We still haven’t decided on a real name for our van. I can’t even imagine what naming kids will be like!) So text or message us if you want to stop by — we love visitors!