I heard once that you should “let obstacles become a catalyst for greater creativity.”

That quote came to mind this week while I watched Seth roast a hot dog over the open flame of our butane stove… in the BYU parking lot.

Honestly, though, living in a van presents new challenges every week! We have to get more and more inventive with things like where to do homework and what food we buy at the store. (I started to get sick of ramen.) We are constantly on our feet, ready to improvise with any situation. On one hand, it’s sometimes tough to feel like we are never settled. On the other hand, we have become super flexible and spontaneous! Rather than sitting at home, we often spend our time doing activities, like supporting our BYU Football team.


As another example, it is a lot easier to decide on the fly to go camp near the hot springs one night when all you have to do is grab a change of clothes, some snacks, and the sleeping bags from under your bed! We are basically perpetually camping, so it’s pretty simple. That’s what we did on Friday night at around 9 pm. After a 50 minute drive and a 2+ mile hike in the dark, we arrived at Fifth Water Hot Springs just after 11pm.  We also dragged my brother along for the ride!


This is just one of the beautiful scenes that we would’ve seen that night while we dipped in the pools, had there been any light at all! In reality, we had to wait until the sunrise next morning.

This trek also gave us an excuse to break in our new tent that we got for our wedding! It was wonderful.


Ok. To all of you who have gone camping: Do you remember that feeling in the morning when you wake up to the crisp, cold air? The feeling of reluctance to leave your sleeping bag because the outside seems so uninviting?

This is why Seth was so excited to camp near the hot springs. We hopped out of bed and walked a few feet to settle in the warm and welcoming (and smelly) hot springs for the second time in 7 hours.


Got this nice candid shot of the boys hanging out. As the sun came up, the colors became more and more breathtaking! As we hiked out, we could hardly keep our eyes on the trail. It was really an amazing way to start our weekend.


Also, we had visitors this week! The Larson’s (Seth’s sister and her family) wanted to see the Autumn leaves, so we led them right to our backyard. The van was a super huge hit with the kids–they didn’t want to leave! (Although, we weren’t sure if it was because of the van itself or the large jar of goldfish sitting on our dresser.)