Day 37, and the reality of van living has totally sunk in.  We really don’t even think about it that much any more.  When we had just started, Lizzy and I would be in the middle of conversations, walking across campus, and one or both of us would stop, look at the other person, and say something like “hey, we’re living in a van.  A freaking van!”  We’d laugh and shake our heads before continuing our conversation walk.

Now we’re real veterans!  After a month of doing this we’ve been on TV, we’ve been in the newspaper, we’ve nearly been towed (details to come), we’ve cooked elaborate meals, we’ve had to become creative with our use of the bathroom, and I could go on and on.

For example, we were just featured in this short video that has nearly 150,000 views.  (Watch for the cute girl talking about 10 seconds in!)


Since we last posted 2 weeks ago, we have moved our van from the “misty mountains” back to the glorious parking lot.


Farewell, beautiful canyon.  sniff sniff

We’ve found a new place though, that may or may not be right next to the Provo dollar theater.  I mean, how could we not?  If your going to leave the breathtaking views of the canyon, you need something to pass the time!  (Star Trek Beyond is on tonight at 10:15.)

When we’re not at the theater, school is keeping us really swamped.  We’ve both had tests and midterms this past week, and our ambition to travel during the semester is waining.  We did take a one-day vacation down to Kanab, UT to visit my sister and her family.  It was a surprise trip, and we showed up just in time for church on Sunday.  They were blessing their newborn twins, and were so happy to have us there.


We would have loved to have stayed a little longer and hit up Zion’s National Park, but we needed to get back for work and school the next morning.

To end, I’m going to finally come back to my previous reference to us nearly getting towed.  So….this past week while I was in between classes I got a call from my sister, Natalie, who lives in Pleasant Grove.  The conversation went like this:

Me: Hey Natalie.  How’s it going?

Natalie: Great.  Ummm, so where is your van right now?

Me: It’s just up the canyon where it was when you guys visited.  Why?

Natalie: So, I was just about to leave to run some errands when a police officer came to our front door looking for you guys.

Me: What!  Why?

Natalie: They said that the Provo department just called and told them that if the van isn’t moved really soon, then they’re going to tow it.  I guess they just looked you guys up off of the license place.

Me: Yeah, when we registered it, we put down your address so we could get the new title sent to us.  Ah!  I’m so sorry that you had to go through that!

Right then I got a call from the Provo police department.  I told Natalie that I needed to go and switched over the call.  I switched over and chatted with a female officer for a few minutes to get everything straight. Basically, they were leveling the spot where we were parked to make it less bumpy.  They just needed us to get out of the way, so that the parks department could do their thing.  15 minutes later, one of my friends and I were up the canyon and were able to avoid the tow.  We all had a good laugh afterwards and were so grateful for the lengths to which both Provo’s and Pleasant Grove’s police departments went to avoid us having to pay for the towing service. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the real reason why we’re parked in front of the luxurious dollar theater.

Hope that you all have a great week!  Don’t forget to get registered to vote!