Well, we’re half-way through our 100 day challenge, and time has really started to fly.

First, we want to apologize for the infrequency of our posts. This is mainly due to the increasing demand of work and school on our time. However, when we aren’t working, cramming for midterms, or writing last-minute papers, we try to do social things and appreciate the freedom that van life gives us.


Like going to a pumpkin patch! It was actually a lot more fun and less dead than it looks in this picture. Either way, I was happy to take advantage of the fall season. Go Cougs.


We also put up Halloween decorations! Now our van has a little pumpkin buddy. We thought about driving around and passing out candy to kids…. ya know, to teach them good principles.

JK. But we did take the van up to our sister’s house in Pleasant Grove and let the kiddos camp out in our luxurious suite.


After a bedtime story from Seth about Sir Gawain the 6 oldest kids hunkered down for the night. Seth and I were inside playing a game of Catan when they started to trickle in. One by one they trooped in and to their beds. None of them lasted the night. I think it was a character building experience for them, though.

Approaching our half-way mark has definitely brought some self-reflection about this whole decision. Earlier this week Seth asked me if we could go back, would I still want to live in a van. It sparked some good conversation about why we did it in the first place, what we have gained so far, and the impact this challenge will have on the rest of our lives.

I think both of us would answer “yes.” We would totally do this again if we could go back. It has been absolutely insane and sometimes very difficult, but I love this experience! I wouldn’t trade it.

However, we have also decided not to extend the challenge past the 100 days. At the beginning of December we will probably be moving out of the van forever! It is weird to think about closing this chapter of our lives, but we will just try to get as much out of it as we can before it’s over!