It’s been a whole three weeks since our last post, and this election craziness has inspired me to give some of you guys a distraction of sorts.

(waiting in line at the polls)


Today marks day 72.  We are 72% of the way done!  And then we’re going back to normal life.  Something about that feels immensely depressing and yet Lizzy and I find ourselves dreaming of a nice spacious apartment with running water and stuff.  I think we’re most looking forward to finally being able to invite people over for games or dinner.  We’ve loved the freedom that van-dwelling offers, but it’s nice to host friends.  It’s also nice to be able to brush your teeth right before bed, hence the excitement for running water.

The best part of the past weeks has definitely been our visit to my sister and her family in Kanab, UT for Halloween.  It was such a blast!  We spent 4 glorious days free from clocking in, homework, and midterms.  We did have to solve a murder, however….


This was our second year in a row participating in the Stott’s mystery dinner.  It held up to the high standards it had established, complete with awesome food, hilarious personas, and lots of affairs. (My assigned character tends to be pretty promiscuous)

One tradition that we observed goes back in Nelson history much further than 2 years.  The annual dinner in a pumpkin!


There’s been nothing as consistent in my halloween life as the good ole dinner in a pumpkin.  Costumes change, trick-or-treat routes develop and improve, but the annual eating of rice and hamburger out of a baked jack-o-lantern will charge on boldly, nobly, and independent.

And of course, you can’t visit Kanab without going on a desert hike.



For those who don’t know, Kanab is a haven for outdoor adventurists.  It sits just a short drive from Zion National Park attracting thousands of visitors from across the globe each year.  On this trip my brother in law Jeff suggested that we look for a hidden mountain cave that was described to us by a friendly local.  Mikelle, Jeff, Abbie (a family friend), Lizzy, and I searched for it for close to an hour before I came across it.


I felt an odd urge to remove my shoes when I came across this pristine spot.  It was nearly dark when I found it, so Jeff and I were the only ones to actually make the climb to go in.

This is what was waiting for us when we came back out.


The trip was over way too soon and it’s back to accounting, essays, and astronomy.

I know that I haven’t talked about the van at all, but I see that as a positive.  In truth, you’re doing it right if van life isn’t all about the time you spend in the van.  Maybe we’re figuring something out.